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All sfp ports utilize comnet sfp modules for fiber and connector type and. This tutorial explains basic switch configuration commands in detail with examples. Audio network connectivity is provided by the integrated cobranet cm1 or cm2 module. Cirrus logic cobranet has been used for audio distribution in auditoriums uses the limited topology concept one extra switch, or a legal but non cobranet configuration and quality is poor gibson guitar magic for live performances uses a nonstandard bridge as the key bit of technology. Most switch management options require network access and a valid ip address for the switch. Cisco network switch cabling user manual pdf download.

In this step, you will examine the default switch settings, such as current switch configuration, ios information, interface properties, vlan information, and flash memory. Fiberoptic cable can be used with switches that have fiberoptic ports, or media converters can be used to interface fiberoptic cable with standard rj. Communications systems lbb 440400 cobranet interface lbb 440400 cobranet interface. The cobranet link info tools options compile display cobranet info of the layout compile results indicates the total number of transmitted tx and received rx channels on a per unit basis. Ds694um1 9 cobranet dsp conductor the elements window is the palette of digital signal processing dsp primitives elements that can be used in your configuration.

Cisco nexus 3000 nxos layer 2 switching configuration guide, release 5. The combinations of networking cards may include one avb1 audio video bridging network cards, up to two scm1 cobranet network cards, and up to two dan1 dante network cards in any configuration. Cobranet discovery quick guide for cobranet compatible product from yamaha 3 enter an appropriate bundle number in the bundle field. To determine if the switch number must be reset, display the switch configuration as follows.

Installing cobranet discovery software to allow configuration of the cobranet card. Send configuration filenetworksend system configuration. March 2005 residential ethernet tutorial there is a growing awareness of the need for a network that can distribute and control high quality digital audio and video. Rev 2 cobranet bundle assignment procedure using cobranet discovery page 9 of 30 after a bundle has been assigned an id number, you will need to click the apply button and then click the ok button. The base version of dsp conductor allows you to download your configuration to the cirrus logic ev2 cobranet evaluation module or the cobranet co2 module from attero tech. Controlling esp cobranet modules via parameter set. The mac address for the found ethernet port appears in the device list. Praesideo cobranet v2 1a free download as powerpoint presentation. A primary and secondary cobranet connection is provided for this. This guide describes dsp conductor for cobranet version 1. The basis 922dz also supports the new optional lowlatency cobranet feature that provides transport at only 2. If the switch was used previously in a switch stack, and is now in a different switch stack, it may have a switch number other than 1 and 2. An additional 256 sample latency will be induced for each subsequent switch hop. In order to avoid unwanted audio artifacts and dropouts the cobranet network relies on the.

Rev 2 cobranet bundle assignment procedure using cobranet discovery page 1 of 30 summary this procedure will allow qsys to integrate with an existing cobranet system by providing instructions on setting up cobranet bundle assignments for the qsys ccn32 cobranet card. Just repeat this step for every tx bundle that is part of the system. Connect cobranet for multiunit systems, straightthrough ethernet cables must be connected from the rear panel cobranet jack of each unit to a 100baset ethernet switch. As standard, devices attached to the audio architect system are capable of transmitting and receiving a maximum of 32 channels of cobranet audio to and from the network. The primary jacks green connect to one switch, the secondary jacks red connect to the other switch.

Getting started 1 this manual includes software configuration tasks that are most commonly used when new switches are installed. Cobranet uses a standard 100baset fast ethernet switched network to distribute the audio up to 32 channels to and 32 channels from each cobranet device over a single cat5 or cat5e cable, with a maximum cable length of 100 metres 328 ft between a device and a network switch. Cobranet is supported for repeater and switched ethernet variants. If and when the switch has a network connection and a valid ip address, then a number of options for switch management are possible. Rev 2 cobranet bundle assignment procedure using cobranet. To manage a switch remotely using tcpip, you need to assign the switch an ip address.

Maximum 32 digital audio channels via 4 cobranet bundles in. The connection to a cobranet device is 100 basetx copper. Both software applications are available for free download on the cirrus. The flyoffs window contains flyoffs that are used to send signals between the pages of a multipage configuration as as well as connect your processing to the inputs and outputs of your. Up to 24 inputsoutputs, in any combination of channel. Proceed to step 1 in setting switch options on page 24 to continue the switch configuration procedure. For example, a gigabit ethernet interface is often backwardscompatible with original and fast ethernet, and is referred to as a 10100 interface. Managed switches may also be configured in several ways to increase reliability and capacity. Additional control interfacing is provided by both rs232 and rs422485 ports, while a. Cobranet discovery is a free utility provided by the manufacturers of cobranet hardware, cirrus logic. Where possible, the cobranet network should not include more than seven switch hops seven switches between transmitting and receiving hiqnet tm devices. Additionally, the use of digital multiplexing allows audio to be transmitted using less cabling than analog audio. Cobranet operates on a switched ethernet network or on a dedicated. The switch has three basic modes, unprivileged, privilege or enable and configuration mode.

The delay does not change regardless of the dsp configuration, unless the configuration intention ally adds more delay. Second, cobranet audio must traverse either a repeater domain or a network switch domain. With audiaflex, you can choose any configuration of input and output that suits your specific systemno compromise required. Lab configuring basic switch settings topology addressing table device interface ip address subnet mask default gateway s1 vlan 99 192. Connect the cobranet devices to a network switch using ethernet straight cables. On repeater networks, cobranet eliminates collisions and allows full bandwidth utilization of the. Below the configuration section, add a line with the following text. Assume, in figure 3, that station a sends a message to station c which has been attached to port 3, but the switch does not know how to reach station c. Large systems on managed networks can get very complex. Serial bridge settings the serial bridge settings described below allow asynchronous serial data communication between cobranet devices. Vocia makes dynamic use of available bundles in cobranet. The information contained in this manual is subject to change without.

An additional network cable connects the switch to one or more nion cm1 cards. In the name or ip address of the computer hosting this service on your network box, type 127. The set address operation consists of the following 5 steps. Unlike many configurable dsp boxes, the intrinsic process ing latency of the basis 904zz is both short and fixed at 0. Switch configuration by the end of this session, you will be able to. However, fiberoptic cable may be used to extend this distance limitation. More typically, people would set up something like this.

Cobranet can be successfully bridged over other transport mediums, such as sonet. Configuration 1 a typical cobranet system includes a connection from each cab to a network switch. We recommend that you get this configuration working. Some switches may allow individual port assignments or support partitions through dip switch selection. Learn how to configure and manage a cisco switch step by step with this basic switch commands and configuration guide. In the external port and internal port boxes, type the port number. Click the appropriate shortcut in the start menus programs folder. Click the search button3 or the action menus, search board command. Clear the configuration on the switch using the procedure in appendix 1. Management interface considerations an access layer switch is much like a pc in that you need to configure an ip address, a subnet mask, and a default gateway.

A 100baset ethernet switch not repeater hub is required when networking multiple units. Thus the delay from analog to analog across the network can be less than 6 milliseconds, fast. Nion cobranet hardware manual peavey commercial audio. Initial switch configuration certification objectives 12.

Provide a dedicated switched network infrastructure for cobranet. Wireless networks explicitly support av streams ieee 802. Cobranet configuration jbl dpcn hiqnet audio architect. Enter appropriate audia unit serial numbers to equipment table toolsequipment tableselect desired audia units select ok when complete. Maximum 32 digital audio channels via 4 cobranet bundles out. Basic switch concepts and configuration 47 unicast broadcast multicast client group with unicast communication, a frame is sent from one host and addressed to one specific destination. Because unicast addressing is friendly to ethernet switches, unicast bundles should be. Select the bit depth to be used for audio transfer from the subformat pull down menu. In unicast transmission, there is just one sender and one receiver. Cobranet is a combination of software, hardware and network protocol which allows distribution of many channels of realtime, high quality digital audio over an ethernet network. You can specify the ip address of an internal computer, but the address 127. Configuration and commands explained in this tutorial are essential commands to manage a cisco switch effectively.

It is recommended that setting up a cobranet network is carried out by an. Unicast transmission is the predominant form of transmission on lans and within. You can access all the switch commands in privileged mode. With a crossover cat5 cable, connect the pcs ethernet port to the cobranet port on the audia. Enter appropriate audia unit serial numbers to equipment table toolsequipment tableselect desired audia units. Praesideo cobranet v2 1a network switch node networking. Cable the network and verify the default switch configuration. Cobranet devices do not provide a means for manual. Youcanalsoconfigureastaticmacaddressininterfaceconfigurationmodeorvlanconfiguration mode. In this configuration, three cobranet interfaces are connected to two separate switches. Often though, a single switch interface can support multiple speeds.

The primary jacks green connect to one switch, the secondary jacks red. Always only one port active, either primary or secondary. Cobranet discovery quick guide for cobranet compatible. It also addresses the basic knowledge required to design, setup and troubleshoot. Poe powered device use one 1544bas for each dna7800 can be used to create nto1 backup configurations network controlled in globalcom or logic input controlled for 3rd party use can be configured in smc or for 3rd party use, via a.

If you have a cobranet network, you can connect the pc directly to the cobranet network switch with a straight through. The serverio can support up to 12 standard tesira io cards for up to 48 channels of audio io e. If autonegotiation is disabled, switch ports must be configured manually at both ends. For example, a gigabit ethernet interface is often backwardscompatible with original and fast ethernet, and is referred to as a. Note enter a number that is not already used as a transmit bundle number anywhere else on the network. Developed in the 1990s, cobranet is widely regarded as the first commercially successful audiooverethernet implementation cobranet was designed for and is primarily used in large commercial audio. Ip address specified in the switchs users manual, leaving the user name and.

Short, but nearly inaudible audio dropout in case of redundancy switching. Cs4961xxcs1810xx hardware manual and cm1 hardware manual. You can also specify configuration settings using the web interface or front panel interface fitted to all models apart from the ne. In this example serial bridging will be used to allow dme4io c head amp gain control from the ls9 16 via the cobranet network. Cobranet is an alternative to analog audio, which suffers from signal degradation over long cable runs due to electromagnetic interference, highfrequency attenuation, and voltage drop. Dsp conductor is a graphical programming environment for configuring the cirrus logic cs4961xx network processor.

Used to switch 4 channels of speaker line level audio between a main amp and backup amplifier. Cisco sg20008p 8port gigabit poe smart switch cisco. Using this learning process, shown in figure 4, the switch determines on what port a station can be reached. Cobranet configuration and specifications jbl drivepack see also troubleshooting cobranet device network dropouts channel count.

To configure the switch software, connect a terminal to the switch. This is normally done by configuring a separate vlan for each data type. This allows one to quickly evaluate the resources and limitations of the current cobranet configuration. In the figure, you want to manage s1 from pc1, a computer used for. Cobranet is a combination of software, hardware, and network protocols designed to deliver uncompressed, multichannel, lowlatency digital audio over a standard ethernet network. Dynamic host configuration protocol assigning an ip address via dhcp server ipv4 link local zeroconf automatic mechanism for ip address assignment in. Since cobranet uses ethernet cabling there is a limit of 300ft 100 meters between each ethernet switch and device. The switch will flood the same message to all ports.

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