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Convert ab763 bandmaster head into vibrolux or vibroverb. It has two triode light dependant resistor ldr signal tremolo but no reverb, 7025 low noise version of the 12ax7 preamp, dual identical tone stacks with treble and bass controls. This site helps you to save the earth from electronic waste. Really, the 1960s fender dual reverb showman tfl5000d amps had the exact same circuitry of the more famous 1960s fender blackface 2x12 twin reverb amps, but the showman had at least 100w compared to the twin reverb s 80w and was ten times more loud with that extra 20w, for some reason.

Jul, 2011 rightclick to save the file or leftclick to open from your browser. Schematics shown in blue are missing from the archive. Aa1069 bandmaster reverb schematic aa1069 bandmaster reverb chassis layout. Triode, usa customer service mf 9am4pm ct 18007743201 email us anytime. Bandmaster iii universal band decoder array solutions. This 1969 silverface bandmaster reverb tfl5005d is a truly greatsounding. Fender silverface bandmaster reverb august 4, 2011 november 29, 2017 admin 2 comments. Pro reverb aa165 schematic aa165 chassis layout aa1069 schematic aa1069 chassis layout pro jr. The original circuit for the pro reverb was designated aa165.

Click on the namelayout link for each board to see the fender layout diagram. Vintage early 1970s fender bandmaster reverb replacement. These are invaluable reference tools if you are digging around inside of your vintage fender amplifier. Installation and configuration steps are listed below. Fender bandmaster reverb aa1069 schematic 40 watt 212 combo fender bandmaster reverb aa270 schematic 40 watt tube head.

Best speakers for fender blackface bandmaster reverb, pro. Reverb aa270, reverb aa1069, silverface reverb, reverb aa763, blackface reverb, ad1269. All the configuration process is done from the front panel. Super reverb aa763 ab763 ab568 aa1069 aa270 cbs 45w mstrvol cbs 70w mstrvol super six reverb 100w 100w master vol.

Blackfacing an aa1069 silverface bandmaster reverb page. Aa768, aa568, aa1069, or tfl5005 years of production. The same reverb tank will sound different depending on the amp. Whether you need to speak to consumer relations or simply want to drop us a line, this is your source. In this vid, well look at what could be the best vintage fender amplifier value out there in terms of tone for the money. Fender bandmaster 6g7a schematic 40 watt 212 combo. Reverb is the marketplace for musicians to buy and sell used, vintage, and new music gear online. Fender bandmaster5e7layout service manual download. Up for sale is this vintage early 1970s fender bandmaster reverb aa270 and aa1069 replacement parts list and schematics. Item is one parts list and schematic for the fender reissue65 twin reverb guitar amplifier. Fender bandmaster reverb amp schematic phychijackmep. What does the term tfl5000d mean on the 1968 dual showman. Thats how the old fender circuits are deciphered i. Fender silverface bandmaster reverb august 4, 2011 november 29.

Fender forums view topic 1974 bandmaster reverb filter. Schematics and layout diagrams here are hundreds of original fender schematics and layout diagrams, available for free viewing and download. Here is our collection of black face, silver face, and other 80s era fender guitar amp schematics. Fender bandmaster reverb aa1069 schematic fender bandmaster reverb aa270 schematic fender bandmaster reverb. From very early tweed models with a single 15 or a trio of 10s, the short lived 1960 only brown combo, the fabled blond, brown, and blackface piggyback heads of the. Feb 14, 20 we compared the tone of two different vintage fender bandmaster reverb amps through vintage cabs and speakers.

Im using the vibroverb because it has a tube rectifier like the bandmaster reverb. Sf bandmaster reverb vs sf pro reverb decide the fate of my tone. Then i found another pro reverb aa165 that uses a gz34 tube so does the super reverb. Looking at the schematic for my amp it shows a 5u4gb is the proper tube. Since i would prefer to get a head rather than combo, it looks like a bandmaster blackface might be a good fit for me.

Fender bandmaster 6g7 schematic 40 watt 310 combo head. Spring reverb tanks explained and compared antique. The 1969 is a 40 watt circuit played through a vintage 1968 large 2x12 cab with. Instructions for the bandmaster iii configuration software are located in section 6. Manual consists of several sheets stapled at the corner. V4 12ax7 12 reverb recovery and 12 gain stage for vibrato channel. Bandmaster reverb used super reverb tone stack values. Bandmaster reverb aa1069 schematic aa1069 chassis layout bassman 5b6 schameatic. Fender proreverb aa1069 sch service manual download. Fender bandmaster reverb february 25, 2011 november 30, 2017 admin 10 comments. Aa763ab763 blackface bandmaster seen from behind, v1 is to the right side. Aa270, ab568, ab763, aa1069, aa763 notify us if you are ordering for the aa763 super reverb bandmaster reverb.

Service manuals, schematics, eproms for electrical technicians. These original pieces of paperwork came from an early 1970s fender service manual. Ab763 blackface amp model differences rob robinette. Silver face bandmaster field guide correctionscomments.

Bandmaster reverb 1975 bandmaster reverb 1982 blackface guitar amps. Vintage fender amp repair offers a nohassle return policy. Deluxe reverb 1968 deluxe reverb 1978 deluxe reverb ii. Can you guys take a look at this aa1069 silverface bandmaster reverb schematic and make sure i caught all the differences between it and an ab763 blackface vibroverb shown in red. Bandmaster 5e7 bandmaster 6g7 bandmaster 6g7a bandmaster 6g7a layout bandmaster 6g7 layout bandmaster amp aa763 bandmaster amp ac568 bandmaster reverb amp aa1069 bandmaster reverb amp aa1069 layout bandmaster reverb amp aa270 bandmaster reverb amp aa768 bassman amp aa270 bassman schematic bassman 5e6a bassman 5f6 bassman 5f6 layout bassman 5f6a.

If you want wire holes or mounting holes, you will have to drill those. Vintage fender twin reverb pro reverb super reverb bandmaster. The fender bandmaster was a musical instrument amplifier made by fender. After checking a lot of stuff, i m not sure have got the right reverb tank. I designed the rr763 blackvibe amp see layout and schematic below for builders who dont want to deal with the complexity of the ab763 circuits reverb, tremolo and dual channels but still want its authentic tone removing the reverb, tremolo and vibrato channel drops the preamp tube count to only two but the tone stays 100% normal. They are in nice condition for their age, but they do show some discoloration and wear from years of storage. From very early tweed models with a single 15 or a trio of 10s, the short lived 1960 only brown combo, the fabled blond, brown, and. Second, the schematic clearly calls for blackface spec 1k and 4. In the 2000s, vintage bandmaster amps remain in use by blues, americana and rock and roll bands. So, if you like super reverbs many do, then that is a head version of a 1970 super reverb.

I have owned one for close to 20 years and just recently put the chassie into a super reverb cab with 410s, my tech blackfaced it, did new filter caps, and a couple of nice mods that were done on it before. I know that both have the ab763 circuit, though many other blackfaces like the bassman and others dont use this. It goes whistling very hight frequency when i turn up the reverb volume up to half power. To view this site, you must enable javascript or upgrade to a javascriptcapable browser. As was the case with most vintage fender amps, the bandmaster underwent a series of both cosmetic and electronic design changes through its production. Transformers for fender bandmaster amplified parts. I use a fender bandmaster amp head reverb tfl 5005 d, 1974 all lamps 5u4gb, 2 6l6, 3 12axt7, 3 12at7 this head delivers 45 watts. A 2 ohm output is normally for 4 eight ohm speakers in parallel but the bandmaster reverbs were supposed to push 2 eight ohm speakers in parallel. I had ron veil an well renowned fender amp tech guy here in ca say that the bandmaster reverb circuit was nearly identical to a super reverb. Fender super reverb, pro, pro reverb, bandmaster reverb, bassman 10 power transformer, 125p5d, 125p5dx, 022798, 022806, 120240v. Despite its clunky size which has earned it its nickname, the brick, its easy to design around, is low noise. Fender bandmaster reverb 1969 black tolex sparkle grill cloth. I recommend using ft caps for my filter cap boards. Real world voltages these are my bone stock aa270 bandmaster reverb voltages.

Also the pro reverb aa1069 schematic which is a very similar amp with similar voltage out of the transformer shows a 5u4gb too. A little love for the fender bandmaster reverb warehouse. Fender amp schematics to assist you with your amplifier repairs and modifications. Master volume models with pull boost tone circuit, a mid control knob for the normal channel and a tailless amp decal were introduced in 1976. Fender bandmaster reverb aa1069 sch service manual. Blackfacing an aa1069 silverface bandmaster reverb discussion in amp tech center started by robrob, mar, 2017. Fender blackface pro reverb question the gear page. This kit and the instructions included do not include any warranty of any kind. Discussion in amps and cabs started by mrmjp, mar, 2009. The aa1069 circuit was released in october 1969 1069. Schematic 5w ultralinear schematic reverb unit 6g15 schematic 6g15 chassis layout silver face schematic showman 6g14 schematic 6g14 chassis layout. It was introduced in 1953 and discontinued in 1974. Jun 09, 2015 this is a 1970 fender bandmaster reverb.

I making my own amp which is a fender bandmaster reverb. Here is a comparison between the four different reverb tank brands discussed previously. Transformers for fender bandmaster antique electronic supply. Fender schematic heaven, tube books, schematics galore. Tube amplifier schematics fender bandmaster reverb amp aa1069. But may have handling wear or other damage that comes from use. Bandmaster started out as a 1 by 15inch combo before expanding to a 3 by 10inch combo in 1955.

When configuring the bandmaster iii via software switches 14 set the 4wirenetwork address of the unit. Fender 57 bandmaster reissue 2channel 26watt 3x10 guitar combo 20 2016. Fender power transformer, 8087, 125p5d, 125p5dx, 022798. The non reverb deluxe is the simplest amp of the family because it has only two preamp gain stages and no reverb. However, i noticed the 1 watt resistors between 20500s are weird values2. I put the original front board aside and built a 2x8 baffle board, reliiced it and put 2 jensen c8r ceramic speakers in. It is a very cool amp and someone has already added two jensen special design c8r 8ohm 25w 93db 8 inch speakers to the cab the cab is extra large to keep the power transformer away from the reverb pan.

Vintage 69 and 73 fender bandmaster reverb comparison. The modifications to your amplifier are at your own risk. The bandmaster and bassman of this era were exactly the same size 32. Fender diagrams, schematics and service manuals download for free. It was introduced in 1968 and was discontinued in 1980. Schematic prosonic schematic quadreverb 100w master vol. The bandmaster reverb, pro reverb, and bassman from the mid 60s and 70s are heads with piggyback 2x12 cabinets, and all sound best with the same speaker suggestions. Schematic 5w ultralinear schematic reverb unit 6g15 schematic 6g15 chassis layout silver face schematic showman 6g14 schematic 6g14 chassis layout dual showman reverb 100w master vol. All of the bandmaster reverb schematics aa768, aa1069, aa270 say, total load 4 ohms. They are available for free download to help you with your amplifier repair and modifications. The belton btdr reverb modules have quickly become regarded by diyers and boutique pedal builders as one of the best digital spring reverb modules ever. My aa1069 bandmaster reverb layout created in diylc. Each bandmaster iii on the network must have a different address. Had it been identical to the pro reverb s new revision which it clearly is not it wouldve been called an ab668 as well.

This became the ab668 in june of 1968 nearly coincident with the debut of the bandmaster reverb in july of 1968. Vintage early 1970s fender bandmaster reverb replacement parts list and schematic. The difference between a vibrolux pro reverb chassis and bandmaster super reverb one is the addition of a mid control on the vibrato channel. I am curious if anyone knows what technical differences there are between the deluxe reverb and the bandmaster. Fender bandmaster aa763 schematic 22 watt 112 combo.

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