Episode 12 of homeland season 4

Once they are back in the united states, carrie and saul decide to investigate what. Homeland season 4 episode 12 finale long time coming. Carrie mathison is faced with one helluva moral dilemma heading into next weeks homeland series finale. Homeland season 4 episode 12 was easily the most uneventful weve encountered in many seasons, but the underlying motivations for the events will have. The afghan peace process got rocked by tragedy this week on homeland read tvline s recap of season 8, episode 4. Well, thats certainly not how i expected homeland season 4 to end, and to be quite honest, thats not how i had hoped it would end either. Carries career at the cia takes off when she becomes an overseas station chief in a highly volatile region, but every drone strike and tactical raid comes at a cost and she quickly learns the true price of power. Remember when carrie learned that saul was working with dar adal. Prisoners of war created by gideon raff and is developed for american television by howard gordon and.

Season 4 ends with carrie and saul returning to the u. Season 4 of homeland aired from october 5, 2014 to december 21, 2014. Homeland season 8 episode 12, prisoners of war showtime. Watch homeland episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. Whether you enjoyed this finale episode depends on what you expect from homeland but it was, without question, the best. Its one of the most emotional episodes of the series, mostly because it is the one that finally asks the questions as to how the story is going to conclude. On homeland season 4 episode 12, the season concludes with saul and carrie returning to the us to investigate what she saw in islamabad. The websites consensus reads, subverting expectations, long time coming makes for a smart, sharp, and satisfyingly subdued finale for an excellent season of homeland.

The homeland season one finale began in stark, dramatic fashion. Events surrounding saul and carries final mission come to a conclusion. On tonights homeland season 8 episode 10 designated driver, as per the showtime synopsis, carries being called back by saul. There wasnt any lastminute swooping in of helicopters. Elsewhere, walker settles on a perch from which to complete his. He and carrie will hopefully reunite this season because, my god, homeland, we need you to get good again. Tonight on showtime their emmy awardwinning drama series, homeland airs with an allnew sunday, april 12, 2020, season 8 episode 10 called designated driver, and we have your weekly homeland recap below. Sure, we still had some classic homeland elements carrie went crazy. Homeland s04 ep12 long time coming part 02 hd watch. Next week on homeland season 8 episode 12, were finally going to be there at the big series finale.

Season 4 often veers off course with irrelevant side stories or ones that have potential that is never fulfilled. A confident, nuanced ending sidesteps nuclear war and. Sign in recaps for tv shows view tv episodes as 50 thumbnails homeland. As station chief in kabul, carrie makes a critical decision when her counterpart in islamabad delivers urgent intelligence. Watch season 4 of homeland on, where you can stream episodes of your favorite original series, movies, documentaries, boxing matches, standup comedy, and more.

On homeland season 5 episode 12, carrie races to save berlin from the terrorist attack while allison seems to be whisked away with ivan. In the finale, carrie deals with death and betrayal. A bipolar cia operative becomes convinced a prisoner of war has been turned by alqaeda and is planning to carry out a. We see brody, in full uniform, recording one of those. Carrie is faced with a pivotal decision, while brody meets with faber to contemplate the future of the family. Homeland season 4 episode 12 long time coming full stream finale season online 4x12. What a harsh and sudden goodbye we faced, in the last episode of homeland this season. The choice i may as well end these recaps where i started them, by namedropping my connection to alex gansa and howard gordon, who are the homeland showrunners and used to. The series started as a loosely based variation of the two season run of the israeli television series hatufim english.

We open with carrie and her sister looking through. Homeland season 4 episode 12 long time coming was exactly that. Long time coming by jenna amatulli after the insanity that was last weeks and the week before episode, the homeland finale begins at a much slower pace. Not to sound too disappointed since, really, the episode was pretty solid but up until the season 4 finale, homeland has been a show built on its. Homeland season 1, episode 12, marine one, season finale. Rupert quinn returns as peter quinn as mathisons cia black ops cohort.

The season finale of homeland focused on several of the things this show does best. Back in the states, saul struggles to adjust to his new role in the private sector. Watch homeland season 4, episode 12 long time coming. In the season 1 finale, a nearcatatonic carrie is confined to bed as saul puzzles over the unnerving implications of her time line. Its a telling choice that the seeming climax of homeland, the definitive espionage story of the last decade, ends not with explosions or gunfire, but with the. The mood good, carrie was so at the top of her game, and even saul got to. The fourth season of the american television drama series homeland premiered on october 5, 2014, and concluded on december 21, 2014, on showtime, consisting of 12 episodes. After the insanity that was last weeks and the week before episode, the homeland finale begins at a much slower pace. Homeland s04 ep12 long time coming part 01 hd watch. Homeland is an often overwhelming and confusing swirl of plot lines and characters.

Carrie and her team driving around kabul and the mood is pretty chill until she gets a phone call. Long time coming by jenna amatulli after the insanity that was last weeks and the week before episode, the. Homeland finishes its fourth season with a quiet, muted finale that is a bit of a letdown after the string of great episodes the preceded it. A recap of prisoners of war, the final episode of showtimes homeland, season 8 episode 12, starring claire danes and mandy patinken. Carrie is a part of the detail that is put on brody after saul brings his evidence to estes in homeland episode 4.

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