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Apart from some pretty serious sport sanctions, we also can ban you and report you if things get out of hand. Contact your local clubassociation for umpire coaching and badging how to become a bench official. The netball play with rules book is an essential aid for people involved with netball at all levels. Simplifying ifna official rules and regulations of netball. Please dont be rude, abusive, swear or vilify others.

The official rules of netball were updated by the international netball federation in august 2015, with the new rules to be in place in all netball australia. Booktopia buy netball books online from australia s leading online bookstore. It is a game in which two teams of seven players each strive to keep or gain possession of the ball. Covering all the regulatory laws and rulings taken from the official codified rules of the international federation of netball associations ladies can speed up your game and master all seven netball playing positions. Watch this short video tutorial guide on how to play. The rules of netball international netball federation. W wikipedia citation please see wikipedias template documentation for further citation fields that may be required. If you have any queries regarding netball queensland policies please contact your netball queensland development officer or the community and sport development team on 07 3426 9530. All australian netball association rules shall apply unless otherwise stated in these rules. The rules book will be available soon in the following languages. Its a ball sport that is played by two teams made up of seven players each. Team sports mixed netball rules as at sep 2014 all printed copies are uncontrolled issue 4 5.

At inf congress 2015 new rules were approved for implementation in international matches from january 1 2016. Click to download netball australia s junior netball policy. Whilst the news of a change of rules often creates the idea that fundamental aspects of how the sport is played will change the updates to the 2020 rule book center around a. As such, it is responsible for managing the game, played by scholars primary and secondary, who are enrolled in schools private and public that offer netball as a participation sport. Download the match protocols for umpires now available in 2020 rules of netball book click to open the link. Buy inf international rules of netball at mighty ape australia due to covid19, were unable to accept new orders at this time. These updates will be in place for all matches played in australia, and all international. Inf publishes the rules of netball in several different languages. An updated new rules book 2018 edition incorporating the amendments has been published and is available through the inf. Click here to watch netball australia videos regarding the rules of netball. The book is written as a companion to the official ifna rules. While netball developed first as a game predominantly played by women and girls, it is now played by boys and girls, women and men. These updates will be in place for all matches played in australia, and all.

Protocols are usually listed according to the rules section to which they refer but, when it is more appropriate, may be linked to another section. Netball is an exciting, fast and skilful game of fair contest. The rule changes aim to meet the changing needs of the game, and to reflect the modern, forwardlooking sport of netball. These updates will take effect for all matches played in australia, and all international games, on january 1 2016. Indoor netball federation of australia inc your local centre.

The team was formed in 1938 and played that year in the first international game of netball against new zealand. Understanding the rules of netball do not let the myriad of rules pertaining to netball dissuade you from taking up the sport. Sit the rules of netball theory exam, enrol via mynetball 4. The following documents and links outline the rules and regulations under which netball is played within the perth netball association. The international netball federation inf announced the release of the 2020 rules of netball for implementation across all international matches from 1 january 2020. Search or filter to find the document youre looking for. The rules of netball 2018 edition is the new official rules of the game.

Complete the foundation umpiring course, enrol via mynetball 5. Book for 8 year old readers, but loved by all ages. Incorporating the playing rules of the international. The international netball federation has made some amendments to the 2016 edition of the rules of netball. This rule book should be utilized by all states and territories in conjunction with their said state. Each chapter covers a different sportthe sports origin and history, description of the playing area, useful terminology, equipment needs, and essential rules. Obtain a copy and study the official rules of netball book 3. Watch the 2018 rules of netball videos click to open the link. Downloads inf netball rules book please note that this. New rules for netball the international netball federation has updated some the official rules of netball. Download netball australia s faqs click to open the link. If you would like to purchase a rules of netball book these are available from the national netball associations that are affiliated to.

The sports rules book offers coaches, players, physical education teachers, youth sport administrators, and sport enthusiasts the information they need to understand and play 64 of todays most popular sports. Sasn south african schools netball is not an individual or team sporting body. Copies of england rule books sold in india, canada, burma, france, sweden, denmark, new zealand, australia, cape colony, jamaica and united states. The rules remain at all times the property of the international netball federation and copies of the rules downloaded here are strictly not for sale or reprint. We design and manufacture netball products for the whole season uniforms, position bibs, netballs, books, umpire dresses, whistles, drink bottles, shoes, socks ankle guards, netball gifts and lots more. Netball australia resources national umpire development framework. For orders of over 20 books, call netball nsw on 02 9951 5000. The afl is delighted again in season 2016 to be able to provide the 2016 laws of australian football video.

The inf rules of netball book explains the regulations and standards of behaviour expected in the game. Netball dresses and uniforms australia the netball shop. This section is for those who would like to download the official rule book we recommend reading through the simplified guide to netball rules and regulations first the portable document format may be useful once you are familiar with the basic version. The rules remain at all times the property of the international netball federation and. Netball australia respectfully acknowledges the wurundjeri people of the kulin nation as the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which netball australia hq is based in fitzroy and respectfully acknowledges the ngunnawalngunawal people as the traditional owners of the land on which netball australia s regional office is based in canberra. These videos will take you through all the key rules and interpretations of australian football, which will provide you with a greater understanding of our game. This site is for anyone who wants to learn about a new sport, brush up on some rules, or even settle an argument.

Ninh explains the rules of netball, the most popular female only sport played worldwide. Sasn is the governing body of schools netball in south africa. Netball everthing, buy aline netball dresses and uniform with the netball shop. At the core of it, netball is a game not unlike basketball that focuses on teamwork, passing and shooting. Indoor netball federation of australia rules of the game. The australia national netball team, commonly known as the australian diamonds or origin diamonds for sponsorship reasons represent australia in international netball tests and competitions. Netball australia is responsible for developing resources to support the education of umpires within the netball community. Click here to watch netball australia videos regarding the rules.

The official bench, umpires bench and team benches are all located on one side of the court in the bench zone. All rules have been made with the knowledge and acceptance of the new zealand indoor sports incorporated our governing body and must be. The rules of netball are set out in the international rules of netball book available from sports distributors click here to purchase a hard copy. This guide has all the match tactics and scoring strategies for players and beginners. Download the latest documents and guides to assist you in your officiating journey including rule books, match protocols and glossary of terms.

If you would like to purchase a rules of netball book these are available from the national netball associations that are affiliated to inf or from the inf at the inf shop. This is the new revised edition of the official netball rules issued by netball australia. The international netball federation introduced an updated edition of the rules of netball in november 2019, which applies to international matches, and all affiliated competitions and events in australia from 1 january 2020. It will enable participants on and off the court to understand what is happening better. Action indoor netball rule book university of auckland. Buy inf international rules of netball at mighty ape australia. A must have for coaches, the official international rules for netball. Discover book depositorys huge selection of netball books online. Indoor netball official rule book adopted october 2009. Netball official rules authorised by all australia.

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